"This book might be terrible." and why that's a WIN

October 10, 2019
October, 2019 SPARK Campfire update. Chapter Won coming Dec. 17, 2019: pre-order here!"I am reinforced in my commitment to making this happen.""His writing is better than his talking.""The book might be terrible." "I would like to write a book with him every year and see the growth and patterns with their kids."
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Productivity Success, "enough content for 3 books," and systems for action with Jack Heimbigner

October 03, 2019
"Hey, I'm kinda stuck here." Identify the problem, where they want to go and make dreams come true. Sounds simple, right? Jack seems to be able to make it happen.
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September 26, 2019
My then-seven-year-old niece, Maddi, loves books, and she’d shown some interest in my burgeoning writing career and occasionally asked questions about it.
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"I get to be the fun mom."

September 12, 2019
"Our story has to be told." "How can I be more engaged with my daughter?" Some of the quotes from the September 2019 class of Spark Campfire. Want to know more? Join us in November. More at campfire.repossible.com.
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Epic Dad with Jason McCleery

September 05, 2019
I was on Jason McCleery's "Epic Dad" podcast and I wanted to share the interview here as it's just so spot on target with Spark.
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