SPARK: Part 2: Who: Ch. 6: Introduction: Campers

August 29, 2019
“Fires can't be made with dead embers, nor can enthusiasm be stirred by spiritless men. Enthusiasm in our daily work lightens effort and turns even labor into pleasant tasks.” -- James Baldwin
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SPARK: Ch. 5: Rina

August 22, 2019
“I think in terms of chapters. Every time I finish a movie, it's a chapter. When one of my kids graduates from school, that's a chapter.” -- Steven Spielberg
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SPARK: Ch. 4: Let’s create a family tradition

August 15, 2019
That was it. Nothing earth-shattering. Just trying to make every night a little special, just add a little spice, just a little something to remind us that we’re alive, that each day, that each night of our lives is a little different if we choose to make it so.
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SPARK: Ch. 3: Message in a Bottle

August 08, 2019
“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”-- Paulo Coelho When dreams come true I imagine fireworks and tears of joy and some kid with a huge grin on her face.  This, of course, is after the dream was created, given permission to exist, and realized. 
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Ch. 2: The quarter-inch drill bit, sparks, and expectations

August 01, 2019
“No one buys a quarter-inch drill bit because they need a quarter-inch drill bit. What they need is a quarter-inch hole.”? -- Ted Levitt In an interview with Tim Ferris on his podcast, Seth Godin explains Ted Levitt’s quarter-inch drill bit theory.
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