re73: What does it take to become an Epic Dad?

September 05, 2019
Action. Guts. Maybe a bit of daring. I talked with Jason McCleery on his own podcast but we hit it off so well I wanted to share it over here on Repossible. Get on the waitlist for SPARK Ca...
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re72: SPARK: I'm not doing this because it's easy

August 29, 2019
If it were easy, everyone would do it. Well, I don't know about everyone.
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re71: Thursday Thunder

August 22, 2019
Lightning is overrated.   The good stuff comes after the flash.
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re70: Adwynna MacKenzie: "Our hearts will guide us to make decisions if we trust it."

August 15, 2019
Adwynna reads her foreword to "Decide." As Bradley writes in Decide, our hearts will guide us to make decisions if we trust it. He wasn’t using his thinking decision-making skills when he said those words, he was deciding from a place of inner knowing. A knowing that told him very quickly and clearly, “I want that!”  
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re69: Audio for Authors

August 08, 2019
Audio just isn't the same thing as writing. Listening isn't the same thing as reading. Introducing the Audio for Authors podcast. I'm "walking the talk" by producing my audiobooks as podcasts. Here's the latest.
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