re63: I just lost 2 pounds in a week. The secret? I didn’t do it alone.

June 27, 2019
I had a coach. A mentor. An accountability partner. Crazy part is? He didn’t even know it. This week’s episode is sponsored by Spark Campfire where you can write a book in a month together with a young person and change your relationship forever. The secret? It’s a lot easier with someone leading the way.
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re62: SPARK: Ch. 3: Is it time to check what dreams might be stuck in you?

June 20, 2019
Having just set free two dreams in the books of my nieces 3 days ago, it’s time to ask the question. What dreams are still hiding in you? Here’s chapter three from Spark titled, “Message in a Bottle.” Enjoy.
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re61: Although there are a bunch of different kinds of people in high school, there is also the average kid. I think of myself as the average kid.

June 13, 2019
My niece (the one writing the book called “Drama: Solving teenage problems with meditation”) has a book coming out next week. I’m sorry, did we all catch that? She’s 17. She has a book coming out next week. I’ve been helping her. It’s been fun, it’s been real, and it’s been really, really fun. But it’s been more than that. I’m going to read the foreword to her book (that I wrote) here. Enj...
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re60: The foreword to Taylor Dines’ upcoming book, “Escaping the Light”

June 06, 2019
Here’s a little secret: not feeling proud of what you do? How about you help someone else do something and you can be proud of them. Oddly, you become even more proud yourself. In this week’s episode, I offer you the foreword to Taylor Dines’ upcoming book, “Escaping the Light.” I am so proud of her. I’m proud of us we’re almost there. We’re almost done. But as a write...
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re59: I wish I’d had someone to guide me at an earlier age

May 30, 2019
If you’re no longer at “an earlier age,” can you help someone who is? I posted in a (closed and private), 30,000+ member-strong Facebook group for writers about my experience with my nieces and writing their books. I was overwhelmed with the heartfelt responses. Here are a few snippets: This is wonderful. I helped my granddaughter who is 10 write her first story and posted it on my blog. She was so...
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