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There's usually a choice. It's usually yours. You know when you make a decision and you know it's the wrong one? Later on, you wonder why you did it. At some point, often when you're alone, the world has quieted down, and you have a minute, you think, "Am I the type of person who doesn't do that type of thing?" There's not only a choice of what type of ice cream to get but there's a choice about what type of person we want to become. Did you catch that? You might not yet be the type of person who does that sort of thing but you can become that type of person. How? By doing that type of thing. I wasn't the type of person who wrote books, created podcasts, or got in front of the camera. Until I was. Now I am. Welcome to Repossible. There's usually a choice. It's usually yours.

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Latest Episodes…

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    (Meta) working on the foreword for book #4 in the Repossible series: Dare. Leah Dines has some people in her world who don't dare do. How can we help them how they help us. And how can we get this ...


  2. re88: Thursday Thunder (1 video each week throughout 2020)

    Lightning might be the flash of inspiration, but thunder is what you do with it. Thunder is what tremors in your heart, what growls in your throat as the words want to escape, it's what rumbles in your gut and tells you what you ...


  3. re87: "Middlessence," TEDx talk, Chip Conley, and finding meaning in our lives

    You're wise? Great. But are you curious? There are certain people who can send me a link and I'll, you know, actually click it and watch the video. Here's my video version of this podcast episode. ...


  4. re86: "The Recess Life," connecting with your inner creative, and playing with Louise Wo

    Make sure you download her "Seven easy ways to add more play into your life."   I call it "enlightenment" and Louise calls is play. ...


  5. re85: How much do you want it?

    It matters. Sure, there are factors like talent, time (and timing), patience, perseverance, and they're all good and all important. But how much do you want it? ...