KH Ch. 13: It’ll Be Our Secret

June 21, 2018
I slid as quickly and quietly as I could, and I caught up with Lu around the first bend. I tried to slow myself down, but still I crashed into him, and he let out a quick “Ow!” I was going to remind him to be quiet when we were both immediately quiet. I was listening for other voices. They seemed to have stopped, but they quickly came back. I’m sure, OK, not that sure, that the voices were more excited or elevated or at least talking about us. They were talking about what they were...
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KH Ch. 12: Hi Honey, I’m Home!

June 14, 2018
Chicken that I am, I felt safer with the four of us together even if I was the only adult and my companions were small boys who were more concerned about farting than getting out of here alive, and a small dog who looked like Toto and would protect us perhaps from a rat, but not much else. It was time to move.
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KH Ch. 11: Fright at the End of the Tunnel

June 07, 2018
I hurried to the end of the nothing, the end of my tunnel and screamed as loud as I could, “Li Lu!” as if a singsong, a call to the angels in the heavens. “Li Lu!” A frantic call from someone who didn’t like to regret actions, but was regretting actions. I just wanted things to be as they were only minutes ago, reunited with my boys. “Li Lu!” I sounded like a bad backup singer chanting and yelling as if possessed.
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KH Exclusive! The paparazzi catches up with Lu!

May 31, 2018
The Kite Hill publicity team managed to get Lu on the line for an interview! In this episode of The Secret of Kite Hill podcast, we take a break from the nail-biting adventure of the Kite Hill drama and we go back in time and then back to the future and talk with Lu now four years after his breakout success. In this sneak peek into the mysterious life of a 12-year-old superhero, we learn: What car he’s bought (and can’t actually drive) with the shower...
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KH Ch. 10: Last In, First Out?

May 24, 2018
“This has got to be the most irresponsible thing I’ve ever done,” I said out loud, although under my breath. I’m not really one to talk to myself, but it seemed the opportune time. A flash went through my mind of a quick collection of other irresponsible things I’ve done in my life, but so fast I can’t list them here. I do recall jumping out of a moving train. Maybe I should just get moving.
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