The Secret of Kite Hill

KH Exclusive! The paparazzi catches up with Lu!

The Kite Hill publicity team managed to get Lu on the line for an interview!

In this episode of The Secret of Kite Hill podcast, we take a break from the nail-biting adventure of the Kite Hill drama and we go back in time and then back to the future and talk with Lu now four years after his breakout success.

In this sneak peek into the mysterious life of a 12-year-old superhero, we learn:

  1. What car he’s bought (and can’t actually drive) with the shower of earnings from book royalties.
  2. The secret powers his brother may or may not have.
  3. What you can do in middle school if you can see the future–and read the mind of your teacher.

All that and (not) much more!

Brought to you by Bradley Charbonneau of The Secret of Kite Hill