KH Ch. 9: Li Goes Deep: A Maze, Spiders, and Pepper

May 17, 2018
It got darker, but I could still see the outlines of the cave. Right away the single tunnel turned into a maze of more tunnels and since I didn’t know where to go, I followed my instinct. You might think that “instinct” is a big word for me, but I know what it means, it means naturally or that I knew what to do because I followed my heart. It’s not every day that I’m deep in a dark tunnel, but today I was and I somehow knew where to go. That’s what instinct is.
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KH Ch. 8: Lu Goes First: Aliens, Farting, and Pepper!

May 10, 2018
Dear Reader, The veracity of the following account cannot be guaranteed by this author as it was only what was recounted after the fact. We are all at the mercy of an 8-year old’s ability to stick to the facts and retell them as accurately as possible. It was certainly one of the hazards and cautions the author had to take in splitting up deep in the tunnel, but it was simply what had to be done at the time. The Author
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KH Ch. 7: Who Do You Listen To?

May 03, 2018
“I heard it here!” Li shouted. “Me, too!” Lu said excitedly. “I did, too!” I said quickly. “But it came through my tunnel,” I said. “No, it came through mine,” Li answered back. “No,” Lu said defensively, “it came through mine.” We all were silent. In the shadowy darkness we all looked at each other. “Pepper is in three pieces!” whispered Lu and looked at u...
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KH Ch. 6: Do We Dare Dig Ourselves Even Deeper?

April 26, 2018
My boys scrambled ahead fearlessly as if this were a video game. I hesitated as if this were my real life. Hello? It is our real life! Anyone? Anyone? Maybe that was it, maybe I was scared because this was all real, this was just an after school walk home and now we’ve been down a secret tunnel, catapulted into a different park, our dog is missing, and now we’re consciously climbing back up this tunnel through a place where obviously we’re not the first and I̵...
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KH Ch. 5: Just Give In

April 19, 2018
“Wait!” I whispered hoarsely behind Li. “What?” Li turned his head towards me and asked. But I didn’t have anything to say. I was as bad as his classmates who raise their hands in class when they don’t have a question or a comment, but just want to be called on. Li continued up.
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